Healing and growth is our natural human condition. When we get out of our own way and let it happen, we can accomplish wonderous things.

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Discover how you too can harness the power of your mind and replace struggle with success. Whether in sports or the arts, in business or in your personal life and health, outward success depends on your being inwardly congruent.

Peak Performance Coaching For Sports And Stage

Want to reach your potential? How about going beyond what you even thought possible? Whether you perform on a stage, on a playing field or ...

23 Apr 2015

Permanent Weight Loss

The secret to creating lasting weight loss is to create new patterns of healthy eating and exercise. There is no better way than Hypnosis to ...

23 Apr 2015

Havening – An Introduction

Havening is a new form of psycho-sensory (talk and touch) therapy. It is remarkable for overcoming fears, traumas and phobias but has many other uses ...

23 Apr 2015

Improve your Performance – Hone the Zone with Hypnosis

You’ve been there. Everyone has had the experience of being in the “ZONE” – that very special mental state where your internal dialog has quieted ...

22 Apr 2015

Get Better Sleep with Hypnosis

Having trouble sleeping all night? Look no further because Hypnosis is tailor made to deal with sleep issues. In fact, the very name “Hypnosis” is ...

22 Apr 2015

Phobia Cure with Hypnosis

Phobias are intense fears that become all encompassing to the person suffering from them. There are literally hundreds of named phobias from Ablutophobia- the fear ...

22 Apr 2015

Curing Blushing with Hypnosis

hronic excessive blushing is, ironically, primarily a self-created problem. This is because people who suffer from this issue bring it on themselves by worrying that ...

22 Apr 2015

Curing Allergies with Hypnosis

In 1974 Dr. Michael Levi, an immunology researcher, observed that allergies are like a phobia of the immune system. Robert Dilts, a developer of NLP, ...

22 Apr 2015