You’ve been there. Everyone has had the experience of being in the “ZONE” – that very special mental state where your internal dialog has quieted to silence, where all of your senses are heightened, where your skills and abilities are operating at peak efficiency. And then something happens. Maybe you say something to yourself like “Wow, this is amazing! I can’t believe it!” and then it’s gone. Like a shadow in the dark, it’s gone.

Hypnosis can help you get it back and stay in it longer because it is our stock and trade – it’s a trance state. It is a specialized trance we call an open-eyed trance. Hypnosis can help you be there more often and for longer durations. Milton Erickson, MD, the innovative Hypnotist and Psychiatrist referred to this state as a “therapeutic trance state.” Dr. Stephen Wolinsky calls it a “No-Trance trance,” because you’re awake and alert but not falling prey to destructive habits that keep you from optimal performance. You are in the “Here and Now”.

Doug O’Brien has been practicing this for years – as a performing musician, as a marathon runner, as a basketball player and golfer, as a hypnotist and trainer, being in the zone has been a lifelong practice for him and he can show you the way.

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