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Hypnosis works. It can work for you – if you have the right practitioner.  Doug O’Brien is known the world over as a renowned seminar leader, having helped thousands of people all over the United States to lose weight or quit smoking with group hypnosis sessions.  Now, in a private, personalized session he can help you remove your fear or anxiety, manage your anger, gain unstoppable confidence, lose weight, and much, much more.

You can do sessions live in New York City or in Brooklyn or do it live, over the internet.


Doug O’Brien Hypnosis
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(You can also visit us at our Park Slope office on most Thursdays.  By appointment. )

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Hypnotherapy and NLP Can Work For You

Doug uses a wide range of hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, Havening and other proven approaches to help people, just like you, change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Using this combination of approaches you’ll “train your brain” to create new ways of thinking, new ways of feeling and new ways of responding to life’s challenges. You will become more resourceful in your thinking and, most importantly, to help you create the life you love. The life you deserve.

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