hronic excessive blushing is, ironically, primarily a self-created problem. This is because people who suffer from this issue bring it on themselves by worrying that they are going to blush. Their internal dialog is fraught with thoughts like:

“Oh gosh, what if I blush at the meeting today? What will everyone think? I’m sure they’ll laugh at me. Oh I wish I didn’t have to go!”

The person will repeat thoughts like this over and over again in their mind prior to the dreaded event until, in the end, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. How does this compare with a person who does not blush excessively? The thought of the possibility of blushing will never enter that person’s mind.

The Chronic Blusher

Thus the chronic blusher brings on the condition his or herself by the power of their own thoughts. In psychology this is called anticipatory anxiety. It could also be thought of as negative self-hypnosis.

Getting Rid of Blushing

Fortunately, this self-induced condition is easily counteracted with hypnosis. This is because we teach the person how the very power of their thoughts that created the situation in the first place can be used to reverse it.

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