In 1974 Dr. Michael Levi, an immunology researcher, observed that allergies are like a phobia of the immune system. Robert Dilts, a developer of NLP, made the realization that since NLP already had a process that helped reduce or eliminate phobias in a very short period of time, they could apply the same principles of the phobia cure to allergies and get similar results.

Allergies are a like a phobia of the immune system

It turns out he was right. Using NLP a person can reduce or eliminate many allergic responses in as little as one session. This is because, essentially, the immune system has made a mistake and misidentified a harmless substance, like dust or cat dander, as a dangerous pathogen. The allergic response is an over reaction by the immune system. With NLP we retrain the immune system so it responds appropriately.

A simple process to end allergies

Do not suffer from your allergies any longer. The process is simple, painless and effective. Thousands of people worldwide have found relief from the allergies with this NLP Allergy Cure. You can too.

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