Phobias are intense fears that become all encompassing to the person suffering from them. There are literally hundreds of named phobias from Ablutophobia- the fear of washing or bathing, to Zoophobia- the fear of animals, but they all have he following traits in common… they are learned reactions, they have a similar thought structure in the mind and thus can be restructured and unlearned with the use of NLP and hypnosis.

Back in the 1970s Richard Bandler and John Grinder created the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and one of their hallmark techniques was called the “Phobia Cure.” Over the years this approach has be refined and improved upon so that today people can be confident that relief is not only actually possible, it can be yours.

In private practice since 1990, have personally helped hundreds of people reduce or eliminate their fears to dogs, cats, bugs, heights, flying, and more, as a recent email I received indicates, “I just went on a plane with my husband. I didn’t take anything and I felt great. Thank you so much for helping me”.

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